Funny How The Moon Burns

When we are little, we are told stories and myths- legends even. Some teach us life lessons and others just give us hope. 

“Icarus” was always one that I liked. You know that one about the two prisoners (father and son) who create wings out of wax and feathers to escape? “Don’t fly too close to the sun or your wings will melt and you will fall and die”. Then he flies to close and well, we all know what follows.

Last year in Drama we did a play on a boy that goes camping and gets really drunk with some friends. They talk about how everything is going so great and he’s so confident and he’s so great- but a little depressed because he feels like his Dad doesn’t care. When they’re out there, he is dared to climb the water tower. This is late at night of course. When he does, he feels like the alcohol as almost given him wings and he ‘tries to fly’. He jumps. 

The myth reflects it I think. You get so high and then you plummet. I find the worst time is at night when you’re alone and no one is there to help you or guide you. You’re alone out there and no-one’s there to keep you entertained and happy- or safe. So many times its been late at night and I’ve sat here just down. Down and out. Just wanting someone to show up, climb into my bed, keep me warm and tell me that it really will be okay because so far, I just don’t know how. 

Funny how the moon burns.


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