Sick and tired

So here I am again, laying in bed as my brothers go to school. Honestly I just can’t be bothered with today. That’s it. I just can’t be bothered. I feel sick and I’m scared. I need a break from everything that’s been happening. I need to be able to go home and sleep and not have to worry about all the stuff that’s going on in my life. I need to just rest, relax. I need a break from life. I’m under a lot of pressure and it’s starting to come down on me. I’m sure I can pick myself up against, just not today. Today I’m staying home. Today I’m not going to move. Today, I relax.
My best friend is gone on camp. And everyone else there doesn’t like me. Ill stay home and do my work. Draw for my IT assignment, study for my drama task. Just not be in a social setting. Damn I’m so done. I need to recharge. Okay guys. Off to sleep again. Byes


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